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one who licks or sucks dick.
that motherfucker, he's a a total dicklicker.
by gayson May 05, 2006
Dick Licker: a male or female that enjoys sucking on a male's penis (see blow job)
Francis sucked Frank's penis all night, what a dick licker!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
one who is skilled in the art of licking dicks
Josh Wise is a dick licker
by Monkey Man April 07, 2003
someone who kisses up to someone
ay man quit suckin up to that nigga u startin to be a dicklicker
by johs May 24, 2008
Dick Licker;dik liker -noun, slang.

Origin: Linnaeus Davisus, Canadian, Mayfield S.S;

Used as an insult to describe someone who is a shit talker, an idiot, ass wipe, duche bag, dumb ass ect... Can also be used to simply describe a person who seems or appears to be skilled in the art of licking dicks.
Synonyms: Duche Bag, Hoe, Pussy Licker, Shit Talker, Bitch....
Yo, that Dick Licker was talking shit about me!
by Linnaeus Davisus September 29, 2010
Someone of the homo-sex.
Someone who is a retardor annoying you.
" Shut-up you F***ing DICK LICKER"
by Phillis Rooster February 25, 2009
same as pole puffer
Ronnie at Solar is a dick licker (pole puffer).
by John Lewis January 12, 2004