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The phrase used to describe a one-legged man wearing very short cutoff blue jeans, and his penis is hanging out the pantleg on the side where his leg is missing. These men appear as though they have a dick for a leg. And, some of these men also choose to wear an infant's shoe on the end of their cock for better traction.
Damn, I hate the VA hospital. There's just too man dick legs around here.
by EatMyJunk April 21, 2009
A friendly term for a close friend who wont take offence. Originated by a guy called pep in Manchester.
"Oi Dickleg, Lets have a pint"
by Anthony Peppardio March 09, 2005
one whose legs resemble dicks.

also, a term of endearment.

jack-ass, d-bag,cunt-muffin,jerk, shit head, cock juggling thunder cunt

something you call your friends instead of calling them stupid
"dude, can you believe that kid forgot to bring beer?"

"wow.... what a dick legs"
by Tiger Twist August 11, 2009
A person who looks like there legs are a penis
haha look at that persons dicklegs
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
One of the legs on a dick
I broke one of my dicklegs
by Bayne August 21, 2003
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