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When someone finds your hat and where's it on their dick.
We lost Luke's hat on the road, while being chased by two gay's. They picked up the hat and used it as a dick hat.
by JDUBss April 01, 2007
Another name for over amounts of bragging rights,
someone who has a dick-hat is someone who is very proud of themselves for doing meaningless, trivial things.

Not to be confused with just having a big ego;

One with a dick-hat is one who is constantly measuring themselves up to OTHER people's dick-hats.

Any gender can have a dick-hat, but it's most commonly seen in achievement whores for the xbox/ps3 and such.
Example one!

P1: "I just got SOOO many achievements on my XBOX, dude!"

P2: "...And what do you get in return?"

P1: "Uh, nothing.."

P2: "Oh. So...A bigger dick-hat, then."


Example 2:

Mom1: "My kid just owned your kid in soccer today."
Mom2: "And what do YOU get out of this victory?"
Mom1: "A bigger dick-hat. And...having to fix a victory supper for him and his little friends..."
by Luna Strega June 21, 2010
Another name for foreskin.
That man still has his dick-hat.
by LeavesKittun August 27, 2007
A condom.
Sorry baby, I lost my dickhat, gonna need to go buy more!

Holy shit! I'm pregnant!
I HAVE to stop buying these cheap dickhats.
by clyrofoxx May 29, 2011
one who is blowing and or likes to blow dick
Shes being a dick hat at the moment, may i ask whos calling

That Carol , shes a real dick hat
by shut fuck damn ass cock October 11, 2005
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