1. A person who believes they're hot shit
2. One who brags about stuff no one else cares about
3. Someone who talks shit about other people behind their back because they're an incompetent and insecure douche cock
Person 1: Told you he was a fag. Why did you hang out with him? I'm so much better than that fag.
(Person 1 is insecure about actually being a fag and trying to divert attention from their fagginess by calling other people fags and saying he is better.)
Person 2: Shut up dick fence! Quit being such a fag you gay homo douchey douche cock.
by DeathCubeKX March 06, 2012
Top Definition
The act of blocking one's dick from prying eyes whilst peeing in a public environment. Used by rafters or boaters when a male has to pee off the side of the boat and wants to block a direct view of his junk. Hats, a well placed hand, a map, a sandal, could all be used for the dick fence.
While Dave was taking a leak off the side of the boat, Sarah's boat floated really close by. So Dave put up a dick fence with his hat so she couldn't see how small it was.
by Erox72 July 26, 2013

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