a chicken that exterior body is covered with dicks. be them large,small, or black
l00kz m00m!!
@ dIcK cHIckEn =D
by Chronickid January 29, 2008
Top Definition
A game played by two presumably straight males where each player pulls out his penis and stares at the other player. The one whose penis moves first is declared the loser. And thus ridiculed and called a gay for a minimum of two hours.
Hey guys who is up for a game of dick chicken?
by Frank Mrugala November 25, 2010
A game played by a man where he walks the fine line between getting drunk, and drinking too much and thus under-performing in bed. Dick chicken results in either drunken sex, or whiskey dick.
Seriously, I am not playing dick chicken tonight. I wanna get laid
by TheNeighborGirl August 16, 2010
an artist in brooklyn who makes hilariously awesome stencil art/hand style graf...
Who's tag is that!?! "That is Dickchicken!"

by DICKCHICKEN April 27, 2009
A woman with a really loose vajjh, i.e. she's been around the block way too many times. Hence, her vajjh has been like chicken for other guys' schlongs.
"Dude, that sorority is a KFC buffet of dick chicken!"

"Man, Cindy was awesome last night, too bad she's pure dick chicken and I'm probably gonna get some nasty disease"
by Uncle Taco November 03, 2007
a chicken that looks like a regular fat-ass chicken, but has an oversized dick for a head.
Guy 1: OMG! What the fuck is wrong with that chicken?

Guy 2: Nothing, its just my dick chicken....
by ifukdyermom March 02, 2009
A game between two guys who pull out their dicks and walk towards each other. Both lose or win if dicks touch.

Play when drunk!
Who wants to play dick chicken!
by Ricerocket55 December 11, 2015

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