The next president of the United States, the embodiment of excellency, a hero to the human race, a God among men, and a champion for freedom.
When God saw what a mess the world was, he sent Dick Cheney to save it.
by An American Patriot July 27, 2009
Pure evil. He has dark powers that can crush his enemies.
If dick cheney were president he could destroy the middle east with his evil powers and we would all be happy.(or at least I would)
by Libertarian man July 28, 2005
1) Former Vice President of the United States.

2) When a man is receiving fellatio from two or more women at once, as he is about to cum into one of the girl's mouths, immediately before, he pulls out and "accidentally" shoots it into the face of the other girl. The girl then apologizes and says that she should have gotten out of the way.
Dick Cheney was our Vice President for a time.

I faked out on Jenny last night and Dick Cheney'd all over Dani. She was cool with it; she even apologized and made me breakfast the next morning.
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken January 31, 2011
This man was built to destroy earth. i can say with everybody else that this man has done alot to destroy the lives of many inocent people. he has survived 5 heart attacks and is still walking on this planet. this man has made a deal with the devil when he was 5 years old back in 1822. he is an immortal being that feeds off the souls of small children. also he could be left handed. (further studies needed)
dad: watch out children if you dont eat ur vegitables old man dick cheney will consume your soul!

childern: OH NO!!!!
by tkc...mkf March 06, 2010
An evil little man who really pissed off Bram Stoker in about 1870. Was the American "vice"-president until the dark side spit him out in late 2008. Now his whereabouts are unknown, but experts believe they may have found one of his numerous horcruxes in a small town in Texas.
Dr. Van Helsing: How did you sneak into the White House, you creepy old racist?

Dick Cheney: Heh heh, I flew in through the window...

Harry Potter: Aaaah! Stab the diary!
by The Culture Bandit May 15, 2009
The only heartless person in the world to have heart complications, also has bad eyesight proven by his ability to mistake a human for a quail.
see Satan
You can't spell Dick Cheney without dick
by Nemesis921 March 04, 2009
Acronym: Devil Incarnate as Cowboy Kidnapping Countries Hiding Enemies which Never Existed over Yonder
The Middle East must protect themselves from another Dick Cheney.
by Who I am October 07, 2007
The "vice president" of the United States who is calling the shots behind George Bush's back. He is other wise known as the forerunner of the Anit-Christ. The most diabolical scum to walk the face of the Earth. He outsources our jobs to China, India, Mexico, and illegal immigrants so the legal population of the United States will have no jobs and will have no jobs and crash into poverty. Say it with me! "DOWN WITH DICK CHENEY, DOWN WITH THE DEVIL"
Down with Dick Cheney, down with The Devil!
by skyclaw441 December 29, 2006
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