What a prostitute does to a male client before any services are rendered.
I went to a legal brothel in Nevada. Before I could negotiate with her, I had to have a dick check done.
by Michael_in_Cali October 16, 2007
Top Definition
1. A male Knowingly or Unknowingly thrusting his crotch into a oncoming ( usually Unaware person )

-- Similar to a "Hump" or "Crotch thrust."


Instead of a hip check or shoulder check....... dick check!

2. pwning a person with something unusual picture or text message.
1. "If that dude doesn't slow down he might DICK CHECK that person who's bent over!"

2. Jerry: Dick CHECK!!
by MrSelfDestruct (bjizzle) March 12, 2009
some one who gets hit by cars and continues to think he is cool because of it...also enjoys calling jonah fat
"wow, that girl is such a dickcheck!"
by bobcheck April 10, 2010
When you check your balls for an odor by rubbing your nutts/penis then smelling your fingers. usually done before a date, before oral sex, or during the day when you wore the same draws and just flipped em inside out.
She gave me that seductive look while walking by my office...so i did a quick dick check it checked out so i went on to make my move.
by Keovani® October 10, 2007
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