A potato with two antlers, or similar growths, on the either side of its head.
God damn that is biggest crack-takin' shirt pullin' fire startin' dick bean in the west!

I pierced my ear with a dick bean's antlers.
by rak-takahh June 11, 2004

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n. kidney stone.
A small hard mass in the kidney that forms from deposits primarily of phosphates and urates. Also called nephrolith.
I heard you got dick beans.. I told you to stop drinking red bull.


You: I'm trying to take a piss man, but I got dick beans.
Friend: Good God, shoot it out already.
by =>mittens<= May 01, 2009
Testicles, scrotum, or nut sack; The best name to describe a man's balls.
Nick: Yo, my girlfriend sucked my dickbeans so good last night!
Iggy: Nice.
by Dick Beans October 24, 2014
Baseball: dìk-Beeń: The act of getting the ball thrown intentionally at you. To get hit by a pitch intentionally thrown to hit you.
It seamed like Johnny tried Dickbean
Alex, But he ducked and didn't get hit!
by Exca11 July 05, 2014
The state of being a complete dumbass while also achieving the status of dickhead.
Yeah, especially after he called his dead mother a bitch...fuckin' dickbean.
by alexanderthegreatest May 30, 2011

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