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A bat is known for constantly looking for fresh blood to suck. A 'Dick Bat' is a person (mostly women) who looks for fresh cock to suck.

Basically a cock sucker.
Person A: "Why does Kayla always stay after the game?"
Person B: "homie she be dick bating the whole team"
Person A: "Wow, a straight dick bat!"

Person A: "dude yesterday i was over at kyles house and his mom gave me the best oral sex!"
Person B: "Yea, last time i was over there i got my dick sucked too. Kyles mom is a total dick bat"
by DickBatKayla November 12, 2010
1. A strongly annoying animal or being.
2. A bat in Terraria that constantly knocks you off platforms.
Person A: Man that dick bat will not shut up about his new car... he follows me everywhere!
Person B: Surely not man! He seems like a nice...
Dick Bat: Hey guys have you seen my new truck its a 73 ford ranger...
35 minutes later....
Person B: You were right man, he is a real dick bat...
by Brawson October 22, 2011
A baseball player who hits a long home run.
Person 1: Dude! Did you see that Yankees Home Run?

Person 2: No who hit it?
Person 1: Granderson and his Dickbat
by Spiderbat September 21, 2011
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