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A penis of such awesome size, dimension, and performability that even straight boys are in awe of it.
Tommy Lee, Ron Jeremy,and John Holmes(RIP), now THOSE are Dick of Death men.
by Predatory Male II May 02, 2010
After a heavy night of drinking you hook up with a girl and cannot get off, while sporting a raging hard on. Hence you will give her the dickofdeath.
I had the dickofdeath with that skank from the club last night.
by gocardscc January 26, 2009
When a male gives a female his dick so good she has the best orgasm ever that it turns her into a psycho stalking bitch.
Alvin Mack must have given that poor girl the Dick of Death cause she has turned into a psycho stalking bitch.
by Alvin Mack December 24, 2008
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