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(n) A hindrance, something that impedes, an obstacle; an uncomfortable or awkward situation; a stubborn person
I got stuck with the midget on my basketball team. What a dick in the ass.

I was buying condoms. My girlfriend's dad was my clerk. What a dick in the ass.

Ezekiel wouldn't admit he lost the fight. What a dick in the ass.
by chinaman420 June 10, 2009
When you have an rather un comfortable feeling in your anus, then notice somthing bouncing off of your ass. That would be the dick in your ass, and balls bouncing off of your cheeks.
That whore felt my wrath when she got the dick in the ass.
by Ali T April 24, 2003
something unfortunate, as in something going wrong with a carefully laid out plan.
Greg: "My Dad says I can't go out tonight."
Dan: "Well, that's a dick-in-the-ass."
by Brian Backus June 19, 2006

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