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A thrusting of the pelvic area towards another person to demonstrate affection.
Origin: the Destructoid community.
"Here's a dick bump for you all" - Jon Carnage, live stream.
by Apoztle13 February 10, 2011
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1)adj.A demeaning phrase used to compliment someones thoughtless action.2)n.A sore on the penis caused by a herpes infection.3)v.To steal someone's prospective, initial meeting, with a person of the opposite sex.
1)Why did you do that? What a dickbump.
2)The herpes infection has caused a dickbump.
3)That fucker dickbumped that girl, right out from under my nose.
by Greg December 21, 2003
Not a verb, a noun, a sort of way to mock peoples' goosebumps.
Hey, look! Jimmy got dickbumps!

by Red Le November 11, 2011
When someone does a hit of cocaine off someones penis
Let me do some dick bumps with you boy!
by Derek Sanders August 28, 2006
The act of penal penatration to a fetus's skull.
While I was fucking this bad ass bitch It felt like I was hitting a wall with my dick, but then she said to quit dick bumping her baby.
by Brad February 04, 2005

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