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Being totally inconsiderate and rude. Extremely mean. Dont care about anyone but themselves.
Quit bein a DICK MUNCH!
by Jessee July 11, 2005
60 10
one who munches on dicks
mo is a fuckin dickmunch
by anonymous February 11, 2003
45 10
A derogatory term used in a joking mannor when someone is being stupid.
Why are you always suck a dickmunch, stop it!
by anonymous January 04, 2003
19 13
One who munches upon dicks.
Susan kept on eating my dick, therefore he earned his name as dick munch susan.
by kno3 March 26, 2008
14 10
I living thing that is disrespectful and therefor is acting as if they are munching a dick
"Did you see that guy give me that look, what a dickmunch"
by ryandizzlecaptain December 27, 2008
10 7
A term of endearment used by momma dick's when they are happy their children at their dinner.
Sally Dick, Why are you the GREATEST dickmunch their ever was?!
by Joe Blow February 02, 2004
3 21