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n. kidney stone.
A small hard mass in the kidney that forms from deposits primarily of phosphates and urates. Also called nephrolith.
I heard you got dick beans.. I told you to stop drinking red bull.


You: I'm trying to take a piss man, but I got dick beans.
Friend: Good God, shoot it out already.
by =>mittens<= May 01, 2009
Testicles, scrotum, or nut sack; The best name to describe a man's balls.
Nick: Yo, my girlfriend sucked my dickbeans so good last night!
Iggy: Nice.
by A-jaxx October 24, 2014
The state of being a complete dumbass while also achieving the status of dickhead.
Yeah, especially after he called his dead mother a bitch...fuckin' dickbean.
by alexanderthegreatest May 30, 2011
Someone who continuously fucks things up, Does something dumb, or wastes money on pointless shit.
Person one: Dude did you that lifted truck with the fox suspension and mudding tires drive by? That's sick!

Person 2: Yeah, but too bad it's still 2WD... I heard he dumped 5.5k into it, and a Subaru could out drive it off road.

Person 1: Wow, really? He really Dick Bean'd that one! think of the sweet Enve wheels and di2 XTR he could have bought for his bike instead!
by Washoe March 10, 2015
An insult referring to people who are assholes or just plan dicks.

The small poop nugget at the end of a dick after anal sex
You: " Don't touch my drink"
Cat: "Meow" *Tips glass*
You: YOU DICK BEAN, god your such a dick bean
by Acek09 January 30, 2015
Baseball: dìk-Beeń: The act of getting the ball thrown intentionally at you. To get hit by a pitch intentionally thrown to hit you.
It seamed like Johnny tried Dickbean
Alex, But he ducked and didn't get hit!
by Exca11 July 05, 2014
A potato with two antlers, or similar growths, on the either side of its head.
God damn that is biggest crack-takin' shirt pullin' fire startin' dick bean in the west!

I pierced my ear with a dick bean's antlers.
by rak-takahh June 11, 2004
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