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1. An item of confectionary where u dip a lollipop into a pit of sherbet.

2. Also... a way of makin someone who is cool sound very uncool
1. "brb, gonna buy a dib dab"

2. Imagine Samuel L. Jackson in a film sayin, "Im gonna get myself a mother fuckin' Dib Dab fool." - not cool at all
by Dib Dab Fiend July 14, 2006
The act of dabbing is a famous move but is getting old. The art of dib dabbing is when one dabs one way and straight after dabs the other way
Jimmy was at the club then he dib dabbed and everyone started dib dabbing
by Fusty potatoes May 28, 2016
To dip very lightly. A tiny tiny tiny sample.
"Take a Dib Dab of that hot sauce
by Grrman January 29, 2016
someone who is realy really thick
"Harry got all the questions wrong, he is such a dibdab."
by sazzyb July 04, 2006
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