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Kickass British metal band (part of the NWoBHM). Greatly infulenced Metallica.
Diamond Head's Lightning to The Nation's is one of the best metal albums ever.
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
48 7
if your playing football and you header the ball a completlwy different way to were you were supost too.
wot wo that ya diamond head
by phatslab99 June 09, 2009
5 3
a. A volcano on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

b. A community in Southern Mississippi.
I live in Diamondhead, which is an hour drive east of New Orleans!
by Evil Ted April 21, 2011
1 2
a person with a big huge diamond head aka elliot sykes
elliot sykes onion
person shut the fuck up diamond head
by anon June 18, 2004
5 15