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means that a woman has an abnormaly big vigina and is to big to have sex in. =)
your mum has a waste bucket or HaNnAh HuTcHiNsOnS mother has a waste bucket.
by phatslab99 April 30, 2009
if your playing football and you header the ball a completlwy different way to were you were supost too.
wot wo that ya diamond head
by phatslab99 June 09, 2009
when you dont know you have typed a different word than you were suppost to.
lGHASER (lazer) dammmmmm i messtyped a word
by phatslab99 June 17, 2009
kyfa means to love someone or to kyfe sombody is to want to have sex with them.
your mates a right kyfa or i want to kyfe yout friend.
by phatslab99 April 27, 2009

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