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Diaconia is another word for “caring for each other”. Diaconia is a word of Greek origin, which often appears in the Bible in its original sense, namely: serving God in caring for one’s fellow creatures. Today the expression is used for a Christian, social effort towards helping people whose lives are difficult.

With the Christian view of human nature as a basis, we are of the conviction that every human holds the possibility of change. Therefore we can believe, hope and act together with people who find that their possibilities have come to an end.
Diaconia is about humanity

* To meet people where they are.

* To see and create possibilities in what seems impossible.

* To find the time to talk with people - also when talking is difficult.

* To help people towards independence and self-worth.

Diaconia is about politics and protest

* To place human dignity in focus.

* To relate to the structures of society.

* To protest about unfair social conditions.

* To place professional knowledge beneath acts of humanity and Christian thinking.
by girlray April 29, 2010
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