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1 in a billion!:)
Theres one word for a Dhishya.....amazing!
by R-E-E-N-E December 17, 2008
This name is very unique!!
Dhishya is a girls name. Usually people with this name are caring, kind and nice.Shes a great friend who is trustworthy and who always helps you no matter what it is. She is a good problem solver and a great matchfixer. Dhishya is a person who is crazy! and loves hanging out with her family and friends. To go with her amazing personality her looks are just as breathtaking.
your Dhishya!
can we be friends?please!!
by feebee(: December 17, 2008
Stunning looks! fit to be a model. has great hight and great facial features.
OMG! ur stunning! is your name Dhishya?
by Melissa Wetton December 17, 2008
Not the smartest person!
oops i just did a Dhishya!
No brains just brones
by - kirsten December 17, 2008
Dhishya is a very unique name, as is the person who has this name.People who are called Dhishya tend to be very beautiful and have the best personality.
woow ur cool!
you must be a Dhishya!
by Jane!x December 17, 2008
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