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Its an Arabic name for a male, it means vicious or trained to hunt. Its used as an adjective to describe some animals.

If you came across a Dhari in real life you'll see a tall man with wide shoulders and a unique sex appeal. He is smart, kind, and has a great sense of humer. However, if you ever tried to cross him he'll eat you alive.

A Dhari might be firm and strong from the outside but he is warm and sweet from the inside, he has the kindest and the biggest heart, when he gives he never expects something in return.

If a Dhari was in love with you then you are the luckiest girl alive because a Dhari treats his woman like a queen and he'll make sure that she knows that everyday.
Dina, What kind of a man should a girl marry ?
Oh thats easy, A Dhari !
by fmalm January 10, 2013
Dark, Hairy Assed Ruts Inc.
Hey, are you part of Dhari?
by Sid Reddy September 22, 2003
A very tempermental person that gets mad over little things. Swears at you if you can't explain things to him right away. Probably drives a camaro Z-28 and listens to hip-hop music. Thinks he is a gangster.
Probably someone who wears armani exchange clothing.
by Old Man December 10, 2003

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