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Dhank - A species of plant grown in the southern hemisphere. Being a member of the Cannabanoid generating plant family, this being Cannabis. Obviously this plant being of the Cannabis genus, is prohibited from sale in most countries.

The name Dhank was a name derived from a plant in the cannabis genus called K2. The reason being users of this type of Cannabis found that most would say when in conversation about K2 would always say "I had K2 last night.. ye it sdhank" Therefore with everyone describing it as having a potent aroma by using common slang, that it sdhank; the type then became refered to as The Dhank..because it sdhank.

Common alterations with speech in conversations are also present, giving rise to variations on how to use the terminology with additions such as using Biff in the sentence (a biff being another slang term for spliff or joint of the cannabis)
"I had some K2 last night.. it sdhank" Then becomes "I had some of The Dhank last night"

It can also be the same case if someone said "I have a fat Dhank biff(spliff)"
by Freedom of Information for all December 02, 2010
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A small town in Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Dhank is about 350KM away from the capital MUSCAT and about 100KM from AL-AIN city of UAE.
Its inhabitants are around 20,000, most famous for its beautiful water course “WADI
Dhank is very beautiful
by Ali Y March 03, 2007
1.a worse verison to shank
2.Slang for shank
1.I might dhank that girl.
by Amanda M.a.g. November 24, 2006

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