one of the definitions states that devon prep one every sport in their fall season, thats nice only one problem you are NOT in the inter-ac. you guys are retaurded, you say that malvern is a school for kids that don't get into devon, you are so wrong, i got a scholarship to your school and turned it down after i visited. you all are computer geeks who think you all that. you arnt just missing contact sports theres plenty of other sports missing. please just grow up.
Do we realy need one
by bob marley March 16, 2005
basically a piece of shit
When i walked into the bathroom i saw a floating devon prep in one of the stalls.
by yoo March 03, 2005
Malvern Prep is a bunch of stupidhead kids who aren't going to a good college. Someday your gonna be working for us. If you can get a job at Longwood Gardens. At Devon we take pride in not having contact sports. Our debate and chess team will kick Malvern's butt. He He! So what if we enjoy giving eachother anal sex, at least we have won a bunch of championships in the Nobody league. If we were to fight Malvern we'd definetly lose, but in a D&D tournament your going down. And we have 5th period blow job session. Does Malvern have that? NO! Sure its with a bunch of guys but at least were getting action. What! What! Does Malvern wear matching scarves and mittens to their sporting event! At devon we're fashionable.
We're super go Devon!
by Loot March 18, 2005
a once magnificent prep school located in Devon, Pa. it has yielded such greats as the Class of 2004. of course not all of its products were as glorious as those mentioned here, but before that year the annual output was stellar as a whole. however, its legacy is in the process of becoming tainted, thanks to the up-coming classes. humanity will always have the memories though
Devon Prep - man that was good before June '04; after that, not so much
by Barry Dima March 03, 2005
School that sucks at everything. None of their sports teams are good. They are known for being "smart" although they really arn't. The school doesn't even have a freaking football team, much less any other sports that count. And the few they do have, they suck at. Their grades arn't much different compared to Malvern's. And many of them have more beemers then bill gates. Devon people suck at life... therefore... the suck at everthing
a school that it not good and no one likes
by ya March 03, 2005
hey devon.. you guys blow at everything you do.. congratulations on sweeping fall sports.. to bad you have absolutly no competition what so ever... play some inter-ac teams (such as Malvern) and see what happens..
devon loves large donkey wieners..
by malvern is better then you March 30, 2005
My favorite quote throughout these "definitions" is "Malvern Prep is a bunch of stupidhead kids." Whoever wrote that must be one fucking retard. Devon Prep fucking sucks ass, $14k a year and you get SHIT. Waste of time when Malvern is only $1k more and is 50 times the school. Devon Prep is the biggest fucking waste of money and is full of devout catholics from downingtown. DEVON PREP SUCKS!! Disgrace to the town of Devon (which in fact bitchslap's malvern). I'd go to Malvern prep ANYDAY over this shit school.
Devon Prep sucks so much it should be called "Douche Prep"
by Devon Prep Sucks March 21, 2005

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