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A county area in the Westcountry region of the United Kindgom (UK) known for it's picturesque views and rolling hills often used for hiding the view of the mountains of needles, pills and weed while the tourists are visiting during the summer.
Devon: a drug addicts dream place (or just halucinating again).
by The Squarepusher March 19, 2011
63 37
A loudmouthed numbskull; an ignoramus who runs his mouth like an idiot. Once-common British term for an imbecilic buffoon now gaining widespread popularity among American surfers.
How long must we endure that pathetic devon flapping his yap like the retard he is?
by Sam Gooch November 15, 2009
1952 1508
a girl with witty sarcasm, beauty, and an endless sexual appetite
Guy: I wish I had a devon

Other guy: dont we all
by twinkle698465 October 06, 2010
734 368
sex between two men.
stoping devoning around kids.
by woogywoogy. February 06, 2007
1532 1185
the best and most honourable name in existance that a girl could receive as her own
My dearest sweet Devon, your unparallel beauty is superior to even the most heavenly of girls.
by DKS November 27, 2004
1420 1094
The most beautiful girl in the world. Kind, outgoing, honest, popular, funny, and modest. Always smiling and always happy. Devon is super hot and fun.
Dude, she's such a Devon
by gumdog41 February 04, 2011
550 270
1-Devon; a girl who lives to collect rubber ducks
wow, she is such a devon! look at al those rubber duckie stickers!
by savvi515 November 15, 2009
924 685
The bald patch on a man's (or woman's) head. Derived from the similarity to a slice of devon sitting on their head.
Check out the massive devon on that dude!
by Pedro Sanchess September 17, 2007
745 532