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A strange creature native to the beaches of Eastern Florida known for driving trucks that a Mexican would kill his family for. A typical Devery begins life as a beach-bum drinking Captain Morgan and Surfing but tends to morph later in life to an animal with thinning hair who dresses 'fratty.' These creatures are known for having severe ADD and living alone like a recluse. Much like a gremlin, if a Devery is fed alcohol after midnight he goes ape shit, going through metamorphosis where they turn in to a completely different creature commonly referred to as a 'Dirty Dave.' These 'Dirty Daves' scream, yell, and date Bar-Bars.
Person 1: Where's Devery?
Person 2: He's at the bar.
Person 1: Dammit, its after midnight. Dirty Dave is about to come out, what an asshole.
by suckmyballsackbitches April 25, 2011
has many meaning: Beautiful, kind, forgiving, smart

also: Devery can mean a girl with high standards
'WOW that girl is a Devery".
by devw/morals October 09, 2009
A bitch that doesn't like pootang
"Dude, I tried to fuck that chick but she's such a Devery"
by tazmanisawesome January 25, 2009