a submissive cat boy who likes huge dicks and big bears and is also known as the 7-11 cause he wont take a dick smaller then 7" and prefers dicks bigger then 11".
Devan sucked off 7 men for 1 hotdog.
by allen November 30, 2004
Sexy Beast from the South ;)
"There's Devan, look away or she'll seduce you into having millions of babies omg!"
by UGH WUT March 19, 2004
known for being loving and understandable, also giving advice to those who seek it.
caring, misunderstood, not talkative, Devan
by Devan Hanna January 13, 2009
A great friend, understanding and compassionate. Cute too ;)
Dayum! Devan is looking fine!
by RizenKing April 26, 2011
A super sweet guy who treats his GF like gold no matter how much of a bitch she is, really understanding a great listener a little shy, gorgeous, amazing, super attrative, average height dark brown hair with green eyes, hes a bit absentminded and not really good at figuring things out but he still tries,thinks hes dumb but he gives really good advice. too good for any girl causing them to feel guilty and break up with him causing him in turn to feel unloved.
Marie: I might have to break up with devan
anthony: why? i thought he was perfect?
Marie:he is but I treat him like crap he deserves better
anthony: awwe thats so sad
by 3x1O4xNinjaPiex1O5x9 September 15, 2011
One who habitually destroys a bathroom toliet due to an explosion of the anal sphincter causing a machine gun fire pattern of splatter all over the place. This is most generally caused by to much corned beef sandwiches and to much fiber.
Dave ran into the bathroom and destroyed it, what a devans.
by swamp thang July 30, 2009
Some bo cat from kingsbury who has a pyromaniac tendancy to burn stuff.
Jono: devan calm down its only fire
by TO THE MAX March 04, 2005

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