meaning God from the machine.
It refers to greek tragedy plays where a "god" would be lowered from rope (hence "machines") to solve all the charicters delimas.

Also, my Handlealias.
"the deus ex machina has come to save us!"
by Zac Beaumont April 14, 2004
as such a angle come to solve problems
i.e a sudden and unexpted turn of events
good or bad
the world needs a deus ex machina
by malcolm kinsuke townsend June 11, 2008
Polish emo band. Great music, great lyrics and a handsome drummer.
Yo! Have you heard this new amazing deus ex machina demo??? It fuckin' roxx.
by treszu ( February 18, 2004
Whilst also given other definitions (that are correct), deus ex machina may also refer to a character from the anime series Mirai Nikki (Future diary); the god imagined by yukii-kun who is behind the major plot-device in this series.
Deus ex Machina talked to Yukii again about his position in the "game".
by RealSoap July 24, 2015

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