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Detroitification refers to the destruction of a city, state or nation through draining money from hardworking individuals to pay for the cushy compensation and retirement of unproductive public "servants." When paired with corruption, Detroitification can skeletonize a city in just a few years.

The term "Detroitification" was coined by Michigan policy analyst Jack McHugh in 2007.
Gentrification is less of a problem in the U.S. than Detroitification.

After the Detroitification of my hometown, Bosnia looks appealing in comparison.
by SouthDetroit February 23, 2010
The process by which the day-to-day living conditions in a city deteriorate and that city gradually becomes a run-down, high-crime, undesirable slum.
Every city should take quick action to nip in the bud any apparent Detroitification.
by Gay Gentleman May 04, 2010
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