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1. A death machine made by Toyota

2. Specifically a Toyota who's acceleration and deceleration methods are faulty.

3. Any car that appears to be out of control.

4. Pinto of the 21st century.

5. Synonymous with Toyota: A car that never stops, even when you press hard on the brakes.
WTF, your car is acting weird...? Hell, at least it's not one of those destroyota death machines!


Did you see that destroyota prius behind us?! F* that! I'm taking THIS exit now!!



(Pass.) Dude, it must have been a destroyota that almost killed us!


Did you hear that Steve Wozniak told a conference his 2010 Prius "goes wild" under some conditions...? That's what people get for buying a Destroyota!
by InsanitySektor February 06, 2010
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