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Normally loud, and obnoxious. But caring as well as loyal. She likes to party, but not to much. She is very dirty-minded, likes her sex, and is passionate about it. She is a blonde or burnette, and has green or hazel eyes. She is blunt but never judgemental. She loves hard, and is extremely emotional.
Let's pull a Destinie.
by meaningful words November 07, 2011
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a girl who drinks very little,but become intoxicated after just a couple drinks.
Dude, I totally pulled a Destinie last night, i had one drink and i was falling over.
by awesomedude654 January 02, 2010
Girls name, usually blonde and beautiful with a GREAT body and a great girlfriend only thing wrong with he ris that shes a vegetarian
damn, i love that bitch destinie!
by Mrmo1243 May 28, 2008

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