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Normally loud, and obnoxious. But caring as well as loyal. She likes to party, but not to much. She is very dirty-minded, likes her sex, and is passionate about it. She is a blonde or burnette, and has green or hazel eyes. She is blunt but never judgemental. She loves hard, and is extremely emotional.
Let's pull a Destinie.
by meaningful words November 07, 2011
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is talented at almost everything, even if she won't admit it. When she us given a compliment Destinie will usually change the subject. Destinie is very funny, and can lift almost anyone's mood, at any time. Destinie is usually athletic, nerdy, and a but of wildflower. Destinie might be found staring into space sometimes but she probably has hundreds of things going through her mind at once. Destine is one with little to no self confidence and needs to be reminded daily for hopefully it will boost her self confidence. Any boy would be lucky to have this golden girl in despise even if she was only in their dreams.
Do you know Katie off the basketball team? She's such a Destinie.
by The_Master_Brain March 11, 2015
a girl who drinks very little,but become intoxicated after just a couple drinks.
Dude, I totally pulled a Destinie last night, i had one drink and i was falling over.
by awesomedude654 January 02, 2010
Girls name, usually blonde and beautiful with a GREAT body and a great girlfriend only thing wrong with he ris that shes a vegetarian
damn, i love that bitch destinie!
by Mrmo1243 May 28, 2008
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