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Someone who works at a desk of any sort. The more informative the desk, the more likely the person is a deskie. Deskies are known to be able to endure long periods of time doing nothing, and to know where Pizza to Go is located.
I can't talk to her, she's too cool. She's a deskie.
by twbtg2 March 03, 2008
A friday afternoon beer in the office, best served at one's desk whilst still working.
"Mate, how about a deskie?"
by GT12458 May 03, 2012
a photograph of your desk and all of it's paraphernalia, which shows parts of your personality, usually shared on social media using the hashtag "#Deskie".
I loved your deskie on Instagram yesterday, that pink fluffy pen totally fit your personality.
by Liz Drakon May 20, 2016
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