Pimp by blood, not relation (n)
very attractive male all girls want to bwn (v)
Girl #1: Holy shit, did you see that guy at the bar?
Girl #2: Oh yes, that's Desh and he's off the hizzle fo' rizzle. I'd bwn him!
by Deshman July 11, 2003
Top Definition
To mean bullshit, something that one does not want to do or hear.
A= 'I once had a fight with a bear'
B= 'Mate you're talking desh'

Teacher= 'Your homework is due for tomorrow'
Student= 'No, thats desh!'
by LaurenAlannah January 09, 2012
Anything one would describe as very cool, dope, or fresh. (Adj.)

To act in a relaxed or laid back manor. (verb)

Synonyms: Cool, fresh, stylish, dope, dank, sweet, swag, great

Antonyms: Lame, stupid, boring, unexciting
Ex. 1 Man that crew neck is so Desh!

Ex. 2

Speaker 1: Oh shit man its the cops

Speaker 2: Dont worry, just desh it out

Ex. 3

Speaker 1: Hey Tim you having a big party tonight?

Speaker 2: Naa man i got work in the morning, ima keep it deshy
by CVHSfordayz April 27, 2013
white sticky substance released from males during intercourse

synonyms: semen, jizz, cum, load

can be used as a verb and to replace words (musdesh in stead of mustache)
sorry dude, I deshed all over your pillow last night

my girlfriend was giving me head last night and I blew all over here and gave her a musdesh
by upperdecker bandit November 18, 2009
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