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4 definitions by hesKEET

Acting like a small bitch nerd foreign kid; smelling things up.
Stop deshing all over my lunch.
by hesKEET May 03, 2006
29 6
Eating a loud crunchy food, such as corn nuts, in the close vicinity of someone trying to concentrate.
That bitch pulled a mahoney when I was trying to take the SAT.
by hesKEET May 03, 2006
100 82
A pizza or similar food made up of curry other main foreign cuisine.
Is that pepperoni?

No, I got a deep desh pizza.
by hesKEET May 03, 2006
21 10
Team that will be remembered for living in a city that rains all the time and looses superbowl 40 all the time. This team is really bad and even having the best player in the league Alexander couldnt help them win the Superbowl.
Hey man remember superbowl 40,

Yea the Seahawks lost!!
by hesKEET July 20, 2006
56 368