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A european slang word for a beautiful, sexy teenage girl.

Wanted by ALL the boys, a 'Dervla' or 'Derv' is also beautiful inside (if a bit crazy and freaky;] ).

Ultimately..a SEXY teenage girl :) Me Like ;)
A-'Woaah..Shes A Total Dervla'

B-'We Dont Have A CHANCE!'

A-'Lets Go Say Hi Anyway..She's A Ledgend'

A & B- '...*drools*...'
by baaaaaaabes May 28, 2009
Dervla - nicest person you want to meet, witty, intelligent, caring and loving, the name encapulates kindness and loyalty, but she is free spirited and can slip out of your hands so if you get one to sit on your hand and not run, be very grateful and don't let her go but don't hold too tight or she do a runner in the night - also know as Derv You can only love a Dervla if you get one, don't let it go
Dervla known as Derv (ie) Derv is so cool, we love Derv
by CoolCheese November 19, 2011

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