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A hamlet which includes surrounding townlands. Located in Co Armagh on the border with Clontibret (Co Monaghan).

Frequently referred to as "Bogland" by Keadyites and young people from other communities who attend St Patrick's High School, Keady. Students attending St Patrick's who don't live in Derrynoose also refer to Derrynoose folk as "boglanders". This however is untrue as there are virtually no areas in Derrynoose which could be classified as "bogland". Although some swampy areas do exist, they are few and far between.

Derrynoose is sometimes shortened to "The Noose" similar to Ballymacnab being called "The Nab". Derrynoose is a lethal place to live :-)
by Bumbity Ba March 17, 2011
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