Flatulence occurring underneath covers such that it affects all others underneath those same covers, either by smell or vibration through the mattress.
Just before I got into bed last night, Ken let out two depth charges. I had to use the covers to separate the airspace between us because the smell was so bad.
by Lisa Roko March 14, 2006
Top Definition
Ok you need a Pint of Guinness and a shot of Vodka...

Now drop the shot glass full of vodka into the pint of guinness and drink before the shotglass hits the bottem...

Thats a fuckin depth charge!
back in the day me and my dad used to drink depth charges after playing foosball for about 15 hours while tripping on strong cid...
by Mikey gavinn October 03, 2004
One of those big turds that falls, hits, and then a split second later sends a monstrous splash up to soak your ass.
I used a whole fucking role of toilet paper cuz I kept dropping depth charges.
by Colin G. November 04, 2007
A fart floated in an area to be occupied by an unsuspecting victim.

Before exiting on the 5th floor, I dropped a depth charge and spotted the lady’s look of disgust when she got in the elevator.
by Ziggy Blonde March 01, 2009
Laying a fart in the cushion of a couch so precisely that the next person who sits down on it will get a blast of nasty butt!
Heh, heh... I just left a depth-charge for George.
by James Jarvis August 05, 2004
When one swims below the surface of the water and takes a shit, usually in a natural body of water such as a lake or ocean.
I was out fishing with my friends and had to take a shit so I jumped in the lake and dropped a depth charge.
by DookieJones February 27, 2015
A turd whose shear mass is capable of cracking the bowl with magnanimous porcelain pounding force. However, the danger does not end there. If upon flushing, the centrifugal force is set slightly askew, then there is an astronomical chance of an unexpected storm surge.
Dude, I did not dare flush at the hotel this morning after dropping a depth charge. I just left a twenty on the upper deck with a note apologizing to Lupe.
by Lovell from UT November 09, 2010
While wrist deep within another persons body during the act of fisting, the fister quickly opens and then closes their hand, like a quick heart-beat or a sub-surface mine.
"Ow! What the fuck was that?"
"Depth-charge baby!"
"It felt like my entire body was about to explode!"
"Totally. SONIC-BOOM!!"
by CaptSkubba July 15, 2009
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