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Chant done at basketball games or other athletic events, when somebody is on FIRE, who the athlete is in the "ZONE"
Jimmy White is AUTOMATIC tonight against the patriots!
by BLT March 26, 2005
Advanced water filtration system (BONG)
made by cutting the bottom off a 3 liter soda bottle and putting a bowl in the screw cap. Used by sinking the bottle with out the cap, up to the neck in a deep, sink, tub or bucket. Then screw on cap with loaded bowl and slowly pull up filling 3 litre with smoke, unscrew cap and place mouth over top and push back down in to the water...Few people can take a full 3 liters of smoke into their lungs at once!
DUDE! That fourth depth charge sank my battle ship! Raise the white flag!
by blt November 21, 2003

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