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Polite way of saying shit, poo, a stool.
Abby is making a deposit in the bathroom.
by muonic February 10, 2010
Shooting semen in the butt hole of another. Like making a deposit at a bank.
I gave the girl I met last night a deposit.
by xylience July 01, 2010
Sometimes you spot someone on the street who you think is very attractive and would like to fuck. However, these hastily made judgements can backfire when you realise upon closer inspection they are below the age of consent. If this is the case then you can instead put a deposit down for a later date once they've matured.
Hi Andy, check her out over there.

Woah! She's a bit on the young side.

True, ah well i'd put a deposit down anyway.
by Goatlord2010 March 19, 2010
Permission to have a move-in party by your landlord

Like a Miami Heat championship, you will never see it again.
Bro: Dude, when you gonna break in the new place?
You: I Just settled up, what you thinkin'?
Bro: Man, three words, keg, KY, and hot bitches.
YOU: That's like five man
Bro: And a slip n' slide
You: Deposit kickin' in already
by Nate Piller January 28, 2008
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