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another word for a
-trouser snake.
-free willy.
-meat stick.
-glory pole.
-lap rocket.
-whoopi stick.
-nether rod.
-power drill.
-hot dog.
-pork sword.
-alabama black snake.
-ball chain.
-one eyed monster.
-fuck stick.
-third leg.
-little pony.
-beef bazooka.
-flesh rocket.
-big one.
-love torpedo.
-tall tommy.
-peter the great.
-golden scally-wag.
-john henry.
-one-eyed giant.
denyka: OH ZEKE! i love you, aaawwwww you're beeeeautifulll!!
by N() I-I@t3rzzz July 23, 2008

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