the most amazing sex partner ever. perticulerly good at the eiffel tower.
I'm meeting Dennis in the toilets later.
by dennislovesme September 13, 2010
A really sweet boy who works hard for the girl he likes.
Doesn't always chooses the best of friends. He isn't always the best friend that he can be.
Nicest boy you'll ever meet.
You are amazing Dennis, but you chose the wrong girl.
by Awesome_One_ April 10, 2015
Dennis - if you're looking for the name definition we'll here it is. Dennis' are super funny and sweet once you get to know them. They can be stubborn at times, but mostly they are loving. Dennis' are inappropriate but what middle school - high school boy isn't? If a Dennis ever likes you, he will give you every bit of attention he can give you. Also he is such a good listener, smiles and laughs a lot, and will make you laugh as well.
I wish Dennis would talk to me, not HER.
by anonflower May 31, 2015
Calm under pressure, self-assured, all-knowing, all-seeing, seeker of wisdom and truth, a Dennis stands out in any gathering--not through loud, attention-grabbing tactics, but rather through an animated glow that is unmistakable. All living things love a Dennis because they sense a communal, loving nature. Even trees lean towards a Dennis that is in their presence. In short, a Dennis is an invaluable, yet humble presence that should be quietly worshipped.
It was just another ordinary day, that is until a Dennis showed up!
by DaMenke August 12, 2013
If someone is swearing alot in a conversation they should be temporarily named Dennis. The words fuck, fucking or fucked are the most commonly used by Dennises.
Person 1, I've just fucking broke down in my fucking car for fuck sake it's completely fucked.

Person 2, alright Dennis
by THE GPC July 11, 2016
The best creeper you will ever have, if you're lucky enough. Dennis is the perfect excuse for getting those ghetto/redneck/weirdo creepers off of you. He is a chill person, easy to talk to, and has an addictive personality. He has great luck and hosts the best Dr. Pepper parties. He's someone you're going to want to stick with because of the way he is. You may see him around for years and then when you finally get to know him you'll wonder why you let yourself miss out on this for so long.

Warning: texting him he will keep you up past your bedtime because it's just that enjoyable.
Also, do not be mean to him or else he will send an evil geometry teacher after you.
Dennis is awesome.

Sorry boys, I only have room in my life for one creeper, and that's Dennis.
by your favorite creeper April 24, 2011
Dennis- a little baby that thinks he's an adult, keeps drinking in his free time, doesn't get any references, and is siriusly naive. Overall- the biggest dork you'll know, but girls still love him
person 1- have you seen him? he's wasting his own life, but he doesn't seem to see it, he only cares about the girls and alcohol.
person 2- omg, he's such a Dennis
by Oldandrumpyormaybenot August 01, 2016
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