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Calm under pressure, self-assured, all-knowing, all-seeing, seeker of wisdom and truth, a Dennis stands out in any gathering--not through loud, attention-grabbing tactics, but rather through an animated glow that is unmistakable. All living things love a Dennis because they sense a communal, loving nature. Even trees lean towards a Dennis that is in their presence. In short, a Dennis is an invaluable, yet humble presence that should be quietly worshipped.
It was just another ordinary day, that is until a Dennis showed up!
by DaMenke August 12, 2013
4 0
the most amazing sex partner ever. perticulerly good at the eiffel tower.
I'm meeting Dennis in the toilets later.
by dennislovesme September 13, 2010
56 54
One who engages in a sexual activity with any living organism.

Usually a female.
She's worked her way through the whole football team.

What an absolute DENNIS.
by WezzED December 06, 2010
35 34
Perverted. Large smile dedicated exclusively to dirty thoughts- ALL THE TIME. Engages in suspicious activities with large African American men. Do not approach, dangerous.
Guy 1: Who is that guy over there? He seems to be having fun

Guy 2: WATCH OUT THATS DENNIS! Hes disgusting!

Guy 1: Who's that guy with him?

Guy 2: Oh its his man...dont bother hes taken.
by PLOIKMUH May 21, 2011
44 45
a faggot ass retard that goes all the way.... with guys that he tries to pull off as chicks........ he masturbates 10 times a day to Ashton Kutcher.... we r tlking about the kid who is just plain down right GAY!!!!!!!!
dennis m. jonas
by aafan24-7 October 08, 2011
40 45
The best creeper you will ever have, if you're lucky enough. Dennis is the perfect excuse for getting those ghetto/redneck/weirdo creepers off of you. He is a chill person, easy to talk to, and has an addictive personality. He has great luck and hosts the best Dr. Pepper parties. He's someone you're going to want to stick with because of the way he is. You may see him around for years and then when you finally get to know him you'll wonder why you let yourself miss out on this for so long.

Warning: texting him he will keep you up past your bedtime because it's just that enjoyable.
Also, do not be mean to him or else he will send an evil geometry teacher after you.
Dennis is awesome.

Sorry boys, I only have room in my life for one creeper, and that's Dennis.
by your favorite creeper April 24, 2011
33 38
A really cool dude who I'm lucky to know. I wish he could teach me how to be so cool.
Guy 1: Man, who is that dude? He is so awesome!
Guy 2: Yeah, that's Dennis... I wish I was as cool as him!
by BeachBunny234 March 14, 2011
21 33