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A fun-loving dude. Loves to collect things and display them for all his friends to see. Great family man will always come through for people he loves. Shy at first but once he gets started he doesn't stop! The sex is amazing!
That Dennis sure is a keeper!
I wish my husband were more like Jane's Dennis!
#dennis #husband #family man #friends #loving
by toodldo_4julie November 17, 2008
A truly unique person! Often looked up to and idolized. Great taste in clothing styles and music! Funny and entertaining without being mean to others. A great friend to others.
I know I can always depend on Chessie.
Chessie is so cool, I want to be more like her!
#chessie #unique #entertaining #idolized #fun
by toodldo_4julie November 17, 2008
Cat symbol on train.
I saw the chessie train go by!
#chessie #train #symbol #cat #past
by toodldo_4julie November 17, 2008
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