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A fan-made religion based off the anime Hetalia, similar to Doitsuism, which worships the character Mathias Köhler, or Denmark.

Denmark is everything to a true Denmarkist- he is the reason the sun rises and sets, why the world turns, and the force behind every triumph of the human race.

He is the supreme lord of Scandinavian hottness- his gravity defying hair is the subject of mass worship.
His axe is unforgiving, and often smites non-believers, the haters of the Denmarkism religion.

Some common catchphrases used by Denmarkists include "I hope you step on a lego," "Danish class," and "When in doubt, Denmark it out."
Person 1: Denmark.

Denmarkist: *Squeals*

Person 1: What's with you?

Person 2: She must be into Denmarkism.

Denmarkist: When in doubt, Denmark it out.*runs off into the sunset on a wearing a cape with a Danish flag and throwing Legos everywhere*
by Ane December 08, 2013
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