1: the nadsat term for money. This word originated in the novel "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess.

2: An obsolete verbal caracature of the word "dang", frequently utilized by individuals pretending to have an accent.
1: "I shived that veck in his merzky yarbles and then went skvat with his yahoody deng!" (I stabbed that man in his testicles and then ran away with his money/jewgold)

2: Person A: "DENG Cleetus! I thought you's a gonna' Milk them thar cats 'fore gramma gits back from the Waffle House! Gitter-Done!"

Person B: "Archibald, I daresay your quaint impersonation of a rural American Southerner is sorely lacking in Auththenticity."

Person A: "Montigue, surely you jest! My oration was of such flawless composition that it would envy even the finest thesbian of vaudville theatre!"

Person B: "I am afraid I must disagree Archibald. You used the word "deng". No one actually uses that term.

Person A: "Ah, I see... I stand corrected. Thank you Montigue."
by ChaosHarlequin February 10, 2011
Top Definition
British slang, usually describing something unattractive, but at other times an all purpose word for something that would otherwise be called a "fail".

The opposite of peng
"Are those highlights meant to be blonde? They just look deng"

"Ugh, this porridge is fucking deng"

"That was a pretty deng job"
by SongTime September 09, 2011
Ugly, opposite of peng.
Ew no, he's well deng.
by DaniiBabes March 09, 2008
A noun used to refer to aggressive electronic music that has a characteristic 4/4 square wave or distorted kick(bass) drum.
Get some deng on!

Deng Deng Deng!!
by T Specialist February 20, 2008
Another way of saying 'damn'.
Guy: Deeeeeeeeng! That chick's fine!
Guy2: That's my girl, fucktard.
by babyfasheezee June 20, 2005
Luli: So, what did you do last night?
Karen: I hooked up with this hot kid
Luli: DENG!
by KEDZZZ123 November 15, 2010
stupid/gay/shit when something stupid happens like a shit joke
look at that girl , shes bare ugly
yeah blood - shes deng
that was the dengest joke i have ever heard
by brapp _ stainless steel November 04, 2006
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