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Dene is a legend, loved by all. Usually captain of the footy team.
Dene "Hey girls"
Girls "Hehe OMG Dene just talked to us!!"
by Semendumpster January 10, 2012
Someone who considers themselves to be the Queen Princess of the Universe. Likes to analyze everyone and make them aware of their faults, however Denes are very kind and sweet to those they care about. Denes can be your best friend or worst enemy. Denes also excel at household duties such as doing laundry and making sandwiches.
Guy 1: Did you see Dene?
Guy 2: Yea she is a complete ass to me, but she makes killer sandwiches.
by DCrew July 26, 2013
a huge slut that is:
Fake to everyone
Cheats on great guys that actually like her
Previously sexualy active with a fat ass
Only takes and takes
Has secret problems with her self
Thinks she is better than everyone else
Is honestly a complete dumbfuck it's scary !
"look at that girl walking around like she is the bomb."
"man, that girl is cheating on my friend Levi!"
"her name might as well be dene! Haha."
" I know what you mean !"
by Log dog and friends December 27, 2008
Typically asain, a gaint man whore who is full of himself and is easy when it comes to girls. Most Dene's have extremely small cock's.
Is that a penis? No just dene.
by Paul J Hicks July 10, 2009
Woodland area, usually in a valley which is mostly wild.
The dene is a great place to go camping
by Bracey-uk September 17, 2008
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