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A Dender is a male whore who is usually an escort by day and barback (who likes it bareback) by night. Denders can typically be seen driving trucks, and offering roofie-colodas to minors. Denders are usually very eclectic in their musical selection, but not too selective about their prey.
"Shes going home with him?"
"Hes such a Dender..."
by sweetits09 March 01, 2009
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A male who plays the nice guy act like no other, but is in fact a manwhore.
"Hey, have I told you that you have the most beautiful eyes? I'd love to take you out sometime" *wink*
"No thanks, dender."
by godsgifttowomen March 01, 2009
When a man or women has a sex-change and become gay or lesbian.
My boyfriend is a dender <3
by BobbySdfsfgdszx April 12, 2011

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