Top Definition
Function: Noun
1: a: A gay man who acts heterosexual and has leftist leanings b: A gay man who acts heterosexual, usually communist or socialist, with the attitude of an elitest
Man 1: Dude! I totally banged this hot guy today. But, he was talking about state ownership and all of this weird shit...

Man 2: Did he act really fruity?

Man 1: No, he acted almost straight...

Man 2: Dude! You totally banged a demogorgon!

Man 1: Did I, man? Awesome
by Michelle Richardson July 13, 2006
The name of the Prince of Demons (originates from Dungeons and Dragons).
Demogorgon is one of the toughest creatures in the game Dungeons and Dragons.
by Redtail September 22, 2014
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