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you wish you were me, i'm epic...time stops when I walk in a door. YKYFW is my middle name. "YUM"
by Huuuuhhhhhhhhmmmmmm October 03, 2010
Someone who is so sweet, very big hearted, beautiful, someone who's able to keep a smile on you face just by looking into her bright hazel eyes, a wonderful singer or even her voice all together is just outstanding, plus she got da booty! And she admires music too
"Wow your bae is a good singer"

"Yup that's my demetria"
by YOlOSwAg420 May 21, 2015
A work a halic that neva stop work needs to take a break usually tarus born in the first week of may around may 1-6th. And is know to be uppedy and cant hind her feelings if she doesn't like someone.
Your being so demetria right now!
by Emily West May 16, 2008

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