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Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport.
A company that has been giving the employees a little BOHICA every time they turn around.
Transferring jobs to Bombay, India to get rid of well paid, well trained Americans who WTF they're doing.
Lost your bags again? Must be DELTA! Then they transferred me to fucking India!!
by Mike Mc Donald December 29, 2004
46 44
D.E.L.T.A- Doesn't ever leave the airport.
Ahh hell were delayed in Atlanta again. We must be flying delta airlines.
by lisbeth March 02, 2007
85 33
World's largest distributor of peanuts.
Like peanuts? Fly Delta Airlines.
by ppl-wannabe April 16, 2008
44 7
The best air line in the world.
We love to fly and it shows.
by blu3d3vil May 05, 2004
83 61
Common Misspelling. See Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines (3 words) is often misspelled as Delta Airlines (2 words).
by blu3d3vil June 27, 2007
28 8
Do not Expect your Lugage to Arrive
D.E.L.T.A (Delta Airlines)
by WhozYoorDady? December 05, 2004
22 11

Didn't Even Leave The Airport.
"Hey, I thought you were going to New York?"

"No, my flight was on Delta aka delta (airlines)."
by plasmacobalt February 16, 2006
17 10
Makes you wait 5000000000 hours before boarding
A: Where are you?
B: Still in New York.
A: Why?
B: I'm flying Delta Airlines.
A: I pity you right now.
by Flew on Spirit Airlines December 13, 2012
5 3