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Final Fantasy Tactics character, a lowly commoner that becomes a knight to avenge his sister, not allowing anyone to get in his way.

Also an awesome CS and NS player. Beware when you see this guy log in.
rZ.Delita, Delita, Delita Hydral
by Delita February 08, 2003
Uber fatass post whore on 404.
Delita surprisingly eats more than he posts.
by Impulse December 14, 2003
Synonimous with the word suicide.
<NSPlayer(5)> Ahah, I just pwned Delita with parasite.
<Delita> Ohno, not again.
by Nuh-uhb February 08, 2003
Freaking bub. He eats lunch at my table. He's AZN, watch out, he'll pwn you with his kung fu skillz. He likes to yell mean things at Boush sometimes.
"I am Delita, the nub. Please pwn me with your super pwning power."
by Boush September 13, 2003
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