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a very hot milf in the show pokemon could marry the old fat bastard prof. oak I don't think she should deal wit his wrinkly ballz. she is so hot keeps her body in awesome shape. is probley in her mid to late 30's or early 40's looks like a 20 yr old again. damn she is hot I mean she raised a dumbbass for a son but oh well wish I could fuck her or have blow me. hotter then misty anywayz.
hi deliah (ms.ketchum you are looking beatiful then ever. can I come inside for some lemonade (and something else wink wink)
by Patrick Dron November 30, 2003
Ash's mom who is very cute and if you were a chao you would skip towards her without question But then Chao aren't in pokemon but then again the show is just fucking retarted
Damn......Pallet towns hot mom is Delia Ketchum.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
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