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Delcatty is a cute and smart person with cat-like attitudes, who can also hurt you, intentionally or accidently, she loves playing in grass and is very loyal, if you find the right spots you can make her purr.

The Pokemon:
"Delcatty are medium-sized Pokémon with a mostly tan body. The sides of Delcatty’s head have a pointed, whisker-like protrusion. Delcatty have purple ears three tufts and a purple ruff-like collar with spherical extensions around their necks. Delcatty also possess a purple flower-like object on the ends of their thin tails. Their build makes them seem related to the Eeveelutions. Notably, their build also makes them look a lot more feline than their previous evolution."
Delcatty is freaking cute, Love cuddling up with her
by TheHeartless April 26, 2010
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